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The Market Connect Perception Audit is a qualitative research product designed to provide an accurate view of how your Company is perceived across a range of key areas by its influential stakeholders.

  • Perception Audit identifies non-financial factors and sentiment issues affecting the share price or performance of your Company.
  • Tests strategy and direction.
  • Identifies market understanding of the business and key value drivers to better manage expectations and build awareness.
  • Perception Audit maximizes the impact of future investor relations activity and enhances the credibility and effect of future communications.
  • Is used to reach out to key stakeholders and find out what they are thinking and to show that you are listening to them.
  • Establishes and builds relationships with brokers, analysts, fund managers and potential new shareholders.
  • Also for Private Companies to better understand supplier and customer perceptions affecting your business performance.
  • Market Connect works collaboratively with your Company in identifying key issues to be covered in a specifically designed research questionnaire. In addition to its existing market relationships, Market Connect will work with your Company to compile a thorough audit target list across your key stakeholders, fund managers, stockbrokers, analysts and the media.
  • Market Connect Principal Simon Watkin personally contacts all Perception Audit targets and their feedback is sought anonymously to generate open, honest and unbiased findings in relation to the key perception and sentiment issues affecting the value and performance of your Company. Independence is the key to this process and success of the Perception Audit.
  • The findings, key outcomes and recommendations in relation to the Perception Audit are then presented to Management/Board.


Market Connect is an Investor Relations and Corporate Specialist that has successfully represented ASX listed and private companies since 2002. Its Principal, Simon Watkin has over 20 years financial markets and communications experience. Prior to founding Market Connect, Simon Watkin worked with global investment bank and stockbroker ABN Amro. Market Connect prides itself on its contacts, knowledge and experience in financial markets.